DE-OX Sub Multigas Color Digital Analyser

DE-OX Sub Multigas Color Digital Analyser

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Sub Multigas Color digital analyzer, is an analyzer that can analyse most things for those who need to know gas content down to the smallest molecule.

The versatile device can be paired with an array of sensors for varied applications, including the continuous monitoring of ambient gases, hyperbaric chambers, rebreathers, air quality, and more

Standard configurations include oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, humidity and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It is possible to connect the instrument to many other sensors and to change the configuration of the sensors and instruments. 

The instrument is installed in an extra strong waterproof box. It is easy to install more sensors on the external panel of the box. The analyser can analyse air quality according to EN 12021 Respiratory equipment - Compressed gases for breathing apparatus requirements.

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