Dive Gear Express

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Early in the new millennium a south Florida local dive shop located in a retail strip mall in Pompano Beach, built a website that featured technical diving products from a single brand.

The website accepted its first online order (with free shipping) on the morning of March 1st, 2003, dispatched on the same day, and delivered the next day.

Through its ethical online sales practices with customer service that focused on the consumer, ultimately the business became one of the largest retailers of technical diving products.

Today, the company continues to maintain a focus on the needs of the experienced sport and technical scuba diver. The brands and specialty products found on our website are carefully chosen by the staff at Dive Gear Express.

We try to eliminate products that in our opinion are outmoded, mere duplicates, mediocre quality, poor value, or mostly appeal to entry level divers.

This greatly simplifies product navigation and selection, allows us to stock nearly everything we sell, and often the consolidation of our sales volumes enable us to present very favorable prices.