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Fourth Element Scout Mask

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Two skirt colours, four different lenses, four coloured straps. You have 32 options with Fourth Element's 'Scout' mask

Fourth Element's slogan is "equipment for adventure". It was therefore only a matter of time before this manufacturer looked beyond their core product range of thermal protection and swimwear, and branched out. And the catalyst? Ironically, Covid-19. 

Last chance to enter 2021 'Underbathwater Photographer of the Year' competition

Fourth Element - the UK-based thermal protection manufacturer - came up with the idea in April 2020 with the aim of lifting divers' spirits, whilst they remained at home during the first British Government lockdown.

The idea was simple. Take the best photo you can underwater in your bathtub. And if you don't have a bath, just get creative. A sink, bucket, water butt or just about anything that can hold water was perfectly acceptable. 

Fourth Element states it creates "products that perform in the world's most extreme environments"

Fourth Element is recruiting!

The candidate would join the current Marketing Team to help expand and develop the company’s online capabilities to support their continued growth.

We create products that perform in the world’s most extreme environments as well as working to minimise our impact on the planet and our oceans. — Fourth Element