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Jeroen Jongejan pictured in February 2017 at Dive! Tutukaka. He wrote the following caption "Full boats, happy boy, thanks to fantastic shop crew!!"

Jeroen Jongejans of Dive! Tutukaka has died

Dive! Tutukaka posted the following on their Facebook page.

"Jeroen Jongejans, owner and founder of Dive! Tutukaka passed away suddenly last night. He was on the water, in his happy place - paddle boarding in Tūtūkākā Harbour. We are all struggling to come to terms with this loss. 

The Department of Conservation

A spokesman for the Department of Conservation (DoC) stated ''We in the conservation world in Northland are deeply feeling the loss of Jeroen. He was a long-term active member and chair of the Northland Conservation Board and was a passionate advocate for the Poor Knights Marine Reserve, actively promoting its uniqueness and conservation value from its creation, to this day,'' DoC said in a statement.


"Where can I begin… Tutukaka, lost one of most shining stars, a true legend, that I had the pleasure to work for, for four years. A great entrepreneur, who create Dive! Tutukaka, one of the biggest and most efficient company in south hemisphere, a marine reserve, (that know working in Hawaii I See how right he is), two sunken war ships that created a massive artificial reef along TuUkaka coast, and many others great things.


JoAnn Zigahn 1947 - 2021

Joann passed quietly on October 25th, 2021 after an untimely illness.
JoAnn had a love for the fashion industry where she had her first work experience. While working in the fashion industry, JoAnn met and married Armand “Zig” Zigahn. Zig was the founder of Beneath the Sea. Soon JoAnn realized she had married both Zig and Beneath the Sea. It was a marriage and a love affair that lasted for the next thirty-eight years.

Master Liveaboards announces the passing of Martin Cridge, Captain of Truk Master

His passing is incredibly unexpected and shocking to everyone who knew him and worked with him.

There are very few people that knew more, or were more passionate about the wrecks and the diving in Chuuk and Bikini. Anyone who dived with him will have felt his infectious enthusiasm. Everyone who dealt directly with him at Master Liveaboards and The Dirty Dozen felt it too.

It didn't matter who Eric Grove was talking to, he was an engaged and animated speaker. He had a unique, passionate presentation style and distinctive voice

Eric Grove: Influential, Inspirational Maritime Historian, dies

Probably Britain's leading authority today on British Naval History with an encyclopaedic knowledge of contemporary warfare. Martin Edmonds


Rear Admiral Iain Lower, Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff, spoke at Eric Grove's funeral on 11 May 2021. His office kindly sent me Rear Admiral Lower's eulogy. 

Armand Zigahn has died aged 89

Beneath the Sea writes:

It is with profound sadness that we note today the passing of Armand Zigahn. Zig, the name the thousands of men and women his life touched knew him by, passed quietly. Zig leaves behind his wife JoAnn, his sons Michael and Scott, his daughters Kimberly, Kristen, Linda, Cheryl, and grandchildren Christian, Abigail, Alexandra, Mathew, Rachel, Joshua, Jonathan, and beloved niece and nephew Ash-ley and Christopher.

Lad Handelman in his Santa Barbara, CA home. Photo courtesy of Historical Diving Society

Celebrating Lad Handelman

I was greatly saddened by the loss of Lad Handelman, who passed away as a result of a heart attack on the evening of October 26, 2020. Though most people knew him as one of the larger-than-life giants and pioneers of commercial oilfield diving, few knew that he was a key advisor for my magazine aquaCORPS: The Journal for Technical Diving and the tek.Conferences in the early 1990s.



Max with Joelle Raabe at DEMA show where he tirelessly represented Papua New Guinea for many years

International dive community mourn the loss of Max Benjamin

Don Silcock:

I met Max for the first time over 20 years ago – in the domestic terminal of Port Moresby airport where we were waiting to board a flight to Kimbe Bay. The trip leader introduced him as “this is Max, he’s the owner of Walindi” which was where we were going to.

My first impressions turned out to be pretty accurate… before me was a man who would look you straight in the eye and quickly understand your intent - no BS with Max, he seemed to be able to read you like a book!

Fiona Sharp diving her AP Diving rebreather, Bonaire, Octobe 2019

Tributes are paid to Dr Fiona Sharp

A report on social media stated that the 55-year-old diver was ascending from a 91.5m (300ft) solo rebreather dive in Bonaire, and was found unresponsive on the reef at 24m (80ft) with the loop out of her mouth. (It is not known whether she had planned to dive to that depth or not). She was brought to the surface and medivaced. She did not regain consciousness. It is thought that all of her equipment was recovered. Her Inspiration rebreather head has already been downloaded for analysis. At the time of writing this piece, it is not known what happened.

Alan King

A tribute to Alan King

Alan was a friendly colleague who loved being outside and talking to anyone. As a child, he developed the skill of always finding something of common interest to discuss with anyone he met, and he carried this through into his adult life. Alan was able to strike up a conversation about anything with anyone. Alan learned to scuba dive in 1970 when he joined the Leicester Underwater Exploration Club. Two years later, he became a commercial diver—a high-risk career in the early '70s—with his "office" primarily being the North Sea exploration rigs.