NAUI Announces the Passing of NSG CEO, Rick Lorimor

We have some very sad news to share: Rick “Ranger Rick” Lorimor, CEO of NAUI/NAUI Services Group since 2018 and a former NAUI Board Member, has unexpectedly passed away. Rick leaves behind his wife, Debbie; his son, Matthew; and two grandkids.

Ranger Rick discovered his love of diving while serving in the Army in 1976. He was passionate about diving, and was an incredible instructor, mentor and knowledgeable leader fully committed to NAUI and its mission.

Leadership Rescue Workshop Series to be Launched in Bimini, March 2018

The Leadership Rescue Workshops are open to any certified dive leader, including divemasters, assistant instructors and instructors from other agencies.

The workshop is designed to teach the most effective, state-of-the-art diving rescue techniques in a rigorous three-day program conducted by Course Directors Walt “Butch” Hendrick (NAUI 1724) and Andrea Zafares (NAUI 10533) of Team LGS, the most globally recognized authority in diving rescue and public safety diver training and education.

Gas blender at work

NAUI Mixed Gas & Oxygen Service Technician

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates are considered competent to prepare oxygen-enriched air and helium-based breathing gases without direct supervision for use by divers, provided that the equipment used is the same or approximates that used in training; and to prepare scuba equipment for oxygen service, provided that they have been authorized by the manufacturer for servicing the particular brand of equipment being placed into oxygen service.

The skills you will accomplish during this NAUI course include:

2015 NAUI Nominations Now Open

All nominations must be received by the Election Coordinator at NAUI HQ no later than 17:00 Eastern Standard Time on 17th August 2015.

This year NAUI is seeking individuals that have experience in the following areas:

Department Director Level at a university with extensive experience teaching NAUI Scuba programmes

Dive Industry leadership and participation as a member and representative at DEMA, RSTC and other dive industry organizations