Gulen Dive Resort

Gulen Dive Resort

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The nudibranch Fjordia chriskaugei, Gulen Dive Resort, Norway

Nudibranchs named after Gulen Dive Resort and friends

Over the years, new species have been found and existing species have been moved to other genera while other species are new. Thus, our colleague Christian Skauge writes that the Flabellina family has now gone "extinct" in Norway because the species therein have now been reclassified and put into other genera.

Lembeh vs Gulen - Round 2

The SHOOTOUT, which will be held from 15 to 23 June 2018, will again pitch two teams head to head in a live underwater photography contest. A team from the beautiful Gulen Dive Resort in Norway will be competing with their opposing team at the equally beautiful Lembeh Resort in Indonesia. The first contest, in 2016, resulted in the narrowest of last-minute victories for the team from Lembeh.

Nudibranch Safari

The 2012 Nudibranch Safari at Gulen Dive Resort was a phenomenal success. A staggering 49 species of nudibranchs and seven other ophistobranchs were identified during the weekend—on one divespot.

Expectations ran high as 16 participants from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Faroe Islands gathered at Gulen Dive Resort north of Bergen in Norway to look for nudibranchs the last weekend in March.

Periphylla: Aliens of the Deep

The jet-black rubber RIB was running flat out in the February night. We were sweeping past the Mongstad oil refinery at the Norwegian west-coast, just south of Gulen Dive Resort, and the clock was approaching midnight. Apart from the lights in the distance, the visibility was zero, and we were navigating solely on GPS, chart plotter and radar.