Scuba.Digital 2022 has been cancelled

The organisers inform they will refund 100% of all tickets and all fees for exhibitor and sponsor packs as well as photo competition entries within the next 14 days.

"We would like to thank our partners GUE and DAN Europe as well as all exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and participants for their support so far!"

What is next for the event?

The organisers state in an email they intend to continue to develop the Scuba.Digital community platform and make it the #1 digital platform for scuba divers, freedivers and snorkellers.

Scuba.Digital postponed to April 2022

In an e-mail to participants of the upcoming event, the team of organisers write that they "have come across businesses that cannot even afford the very low prices that we are charging and that are choosing instead (rightly) to focus on supporting their staff through this difficult time.

"We also believe that this will pass and that most places will be much more open to diving in 2022, and they will need to focus on marketing their products be that equipment, travel or training."

Screenshot of presentation in progress on the main 'stage'; Rick Walker, GUE, talks about bringing wrecks back to life. Ricks presentation was one of better ones and an example of how to make it look good.

Inaugural Scuba.Digital imperfect, but concept holds promise

During the event I sat into several great presentations, and it was a valuable learning experience setting up, preparing and taking part in the exhibit. Being the first dive event, of this size and scope, some teething problems were to be expected not just on the part of the organisers but the many presenters and visitors who frequently grappled with getting their tech – their webcams, microphones, speakers, etc – to work.

X-Ray Mag to present at Scuba Digital

When we tell a story, we relate to other people, and we seek to connect and bond with our audience. In this presentation, X-Ray Mag Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Peter Symes will talk about stories for magazine articles in particular and what sets them apart from books, newspapers or websites. Find out how to submit a dive article text and image files and what X-Ray Mag looks for in a dive story.