Masks, Fins & Snorkels

Oceanic Introduces Accel Fins in New Colors

Compact and responsive, the Accel’s clean lines and efficient shape make it an excellent all-around fin.

Unique, high-stretch heel straps are effortless to slip on and off and dramatically reduce the bulk and drag associated with typical open heel fins.

The angled, compact blade has excellent water flow characteristics and also allows divers to swim efficiently with multiple kicking styles, from scissor to frog to sculling.

Ocean Reef Neptune III Full Face Mask

The Ocean Reef Neptune III Full Face Mask was completely designed and engineered from the ground up to include a new EN250 certified, vertical, balanced and smooth breathing regulator that is completely concealed within the mask. The visor also has a new shape and increased field of vision. The new orinasal pocket is more anatomically designed and along with the new visor provides minimal dead air space & minimal internal volume.

Let's Talk About Underwater Communications Systems

In 1977, a year after I got certified, Soundwave Systems launched the “Wetphone,” a voice-activated underwater communications device that promised to revolutionize sports diving, making it a “silent world” no more. I added it to my wish list along with a Watergill At-Pac, the forerunner of modern-day wings, and an SAS drysuit. Soundwave filed for bankruptcy a few years later.