Guadalupe Island

White shark at Guadalupe
White shark at Guadalupe. Are they now going to be poached?

Closure of Guadalupe Island for divers cause of great concern for the sharks

This action expands on the 2022 closure of the Guadalupe Island Biosphere Reserve by the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP), the federal agency tasked with managing Mexico’s protected natural areas.

They also closed the island to cage diving in 2021 and the pandemic closed down operations in 2020.

Diving with Great White Sharks of Guadalupe Island

Great white shark, Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

“You’re crazy; I don’t get in the water with bitey things!” The announcement of my impending great white shark trip drew a variety of such responses from horrified friends. The undisputed bad boys of the shark world, great whites are the largest of all predatory sharks, reaching lengths of up to 6m and weighing in at over 2,000kg.

Cages or no cages? ... Whose business is it anyway?

Weighing in at up to 3,000 pounds and attaining lengths of 18 feet, Great White sharks are among the ocean’s most feared yet revered inhabitants. Having a face-to-face encounter with the ocean’s apex predator is a bona-fide adrenaline rush, with divers worldwide shelling out mega bucks and travelling great distances for the privilege.

Boasting pristine blue water with 100-foot visibility, Guadalupe Island situated west of Baja California, Mexico, is one of the world’s premier Great White destinations.