Addu Atoll: Diving the Southernmost of the Maldive Islands

Giant manta ray at cleaning station in Addu Atoll
Giant manta ray at cleaning station in Addu Atoll. Photo by Raf Jah

In the southern end of the Maldives lies the Addu Atoll, which hosts beautiful reefs, plentiful marine life, giant manta rays, sea turtles and crystal-clear waters. Raf Jah takes us on a journey to this diving haven, with a stop along the way to dive with tiger sharks at Fuvahmulah Island.

Fuvahmulah's Sharks

Tiger shark
Tiger shark on shark dive at Fuvahmulah in the deep south of the Maldives

Over the last few years, Fuvahmulah has become a world-famous pristine destination for close encounters with large tiger sharks. The green island is located at the deep south of the Maldives archipelago. Michel Braunstein reports.

Blue Force Fleet introduces a second liveaboard yacht in the Maldives

The well-known Red Sea Blue Force 3 will make her last cruise in the Red Sea on November 19, 2022. On December 1st she will sail to the Maldives, where she will join the Blue Force Fleet schedule from March 25th, 2023, under the trade name Maldives Blue Force 3.

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Emperor Divers’ Recognizes the Eight and Final Covid Diver Hero

We received hundreds of nominations and left it up to a varied panel of loyal staff to sift through the entries. All inspired, many amazed and some brought tears. What is clear is that divers are awesome, and it came as no surprise that within the international underwater community there were so many selfless, empathetic heroes.

Our panel have made the final choice for the 8th liveaboard prize, this time for a trip of a lifetime in The Maldives, Nominated by his cousin, Alex Chan, this is his story:

Fresh shark fins drying on sidewalk
(File photo) Fresh shark fins drying on sidewalk

Maldives backpaddles after outcry over lifting shark fishing ban

Shark fishing was completely banned in the Maldives in 2010 so when the country announced plans to discuss legalising the practice again, it created a massive backlash from the international community.

Sharks have always been a valuable tourist attraction in the small island nation and the declining status of shark fisheries, exacerbated by unresolved conflicts with other stakeholders led to the declaration of total shark fishing ban in 2010. With the shark fishing ban in place, sharks are now caught as bycatch in the Maldivian fisheries.