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Scapa Flow Wrecks: Multibeam Sonar Survey & 3D Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry of the mast of the Kronprinz Wilhelm wreck in Scapa Flow by 3DVisLab at the University of Dundee
The mast of the Kronprinz Wilhelm wreck, rendered in 3D photogrammetry by professors Chris Rowland and Kari Hyttinen of 3DVisLab at the University of Dundee in Scotland, United Kingdom

Scapa Flow, located in the Orkney Islands of Scotland, is the site of the scuttling of the High Seas Fleet of the Imperial German Navy in June 1919 at the end of World War I. While many of the wrecks were salvaged following the war, the remaining wrecks have become popular dive sites. In recent times, efforts to learn more about these wrecks through multibeam sonar surveys and 3D photogrammetry have taken place. Rosemary E.

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Instructor Trainer Mark Powell is now Director of Global Development

Mark Powell is now Director of Global Development

In 2017, Mark Powell became TDI / SDI's 'International Business' Manager. This job has recently been expanded to become a full-time role for the award-winning author, instructor trainer and 'tech-diving guru'. 

Mark Powell is uniquely qualified to help dive centers and professional members. Brian Carney



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Do you have a deep understanding of BSAC and the wider diving industry? Take a giant stride and apply to become BSAC's Diving & Training Advisor

Are you BSAC's new Diving & Training Advisor?

The successful candidate will need to have a deep understanding of BSAC and the wider diving industry, because the right diver will work in partnership with the BSAC regions and dive centres to maximise opportunities for diving.

This exciting role will support the delivery of BSAC’s new strategy. It's therefore essential that the experienced instructor can deliver in a dynamic working environment that requires close collaboration with colleagues. 

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Recreational scuba divers about to explore the waters off the Isle of Man | Image Credit: Rosemary E Lunn

Covid-19 and Diving: Research Survey

Dr Tina Spence, a qualified doctor / GP trainee is looking into the affects of Covid-19 as part of her Master's programme. During the process, she will be working closely with DDRC Healthcare. The 'Diving Diseases Research Centre' is also based in Plymouth, Devon. 

All UK divers are invited to help with this research, even if you have never had Covid-19. Tina Spence, University of Plymouth

The Research

We all know that Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the UK and the world. However, there is currently limited anonymous field data around divers participation in recreational diving during the pandemic. 

You will be asked about your opinions and diving practices - your views and experiences are what this project is interested in exploring. Tina Spence, University of Plymouth

Information being sought include

Download a free dive planner

BSAC has kindly made it available to all divers, for free. 

The PDF can be printed off in A4 or A3 format. Alternatively, if you require it in a bigger format, the planner has been created in A1 and A2 sizes. The relevant file can be sent to your local printer or copy shop. 

Divers should note that whilst tide heights vary, springs and neaps occur at the same time around the world. 

Download the 2022 year planner

Please click below to download the PDFs.

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Rick Stanton was presented a Great Britain and Ireland Explorer Chapter Coin by Mark Wood on 21 November 2021

Rick Stanton presented with Explorers Club 'Chapter Coin'

100 of these coins have been especially crafted for the chapter.

The GB&I Chapter Coin is given to inspiring individuals and those who have contributed to exploration in extraordinary ways. Mark Wood, explorer

Polar explorer Mark Wood stated "As Chair of the Great Britain and Ireland Chapter I'm in a privileged position to meet some extraordinary people through my work. I had the honour of presenting Rick Stanton with the Chapter Coin."

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Members of Sea Shepherd's 'Ghostnet campaign' recovering lost crab pots off the Yorkshire coast in 2021

UK 'Ghost Gear Coalition' formed to reduce diving team response time

The solution is straightforward, if you have the relevant knowledge at your fingertips. Just contact one of the many NGOs around the world, such as 'Ghost Diving', who work to combat this problem internationally, and let them know the details of the ghost gear that needs to be recovered. 

Ghost fishing gear is everywhere, but so are we! Pascal van Erp, founder Ghost Diving