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Palaeohypotodus bizzocoi tooth.
Palaeohypotodus bizzocoi tooth. /McWane Science Center.

Scientists discover fossilized remains of new ancient shark species

Palaeohypotodus, pronounced pale-ee-oh-hype-oh-toe-duss, translates to "ancient small-eared tooth," a reference to the shark's distinctive small needle-like fangs found on the sides of its teeth. Spearheaded by Jun Ebersole, Director of Collections at McWane Science Center in Birmingham, alongside David Cicimurri, Curator of Natural History at South Carolina State Museum, and T. Lynn Harrell, Jr., Paleontologist and Fossil Collections Curator at the Geological Survey of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, the team named the new species in honour of the late Dr.

Newborn White Shark Pup
Newborn white shark pup (Photo by Carlos Gauna)

Drone discovery: A newborn great white shark

(TOP BANNER IMAGE: Carlos Gauna/The Malibu Artist) 

The remarkable sighting occurred on 9 July 2023, approximately 400m (1,300ft) off the shores of Carpinteria, California. Wildlife filmmaker Carlos Gauna and Phillip Sternes, a doctoral student in the Department of Biology at the University of California Riverside, stumbled upon the extraordinary sight while filming aerial footage.

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Rice Corals (Montipora capitata), Kane'ohe Bay, O'ahu, Hawaii

Coral resilience under climate stress: Insights from Hawaiian reefs

In 2015, amidst a marine heatwave, Barott’s team tagged numerous coral colonies, initiating a study on coral adaptability. Their focus: the rice coral (Montipora capitata) and finger coral (Porites compressa), two dominant species in the region. Over the years, multiple heatwaves provided a unique opportunity to observe coral responses, revealing both resilience and vulnerability.

DEMA 2023: The tech community’s farewell party for Bret Gilliam

Bret Gilliam was a larger-than-life personality—dare we say, character—in the dive industry. Over a 50-year career, he was involved with several dive-industry firsts, holding a number of influential postings, including serving on the boards of NAUI and IANTD, as well as CEO of TDI. But he was most known for being a co-founder of what would become the largest technical diver training agency in the world, TDI.

DEMA 2023: Back to normal

It was an upbeat and vibrant edition, reminiscent of how it used to be in its heyday in the late 1990s, when it peaked and only got bigger from year to year. Even the social events and various parties were plentiful and back at full strength—at least, that was my impression. 

That is not to say that the show and the dive industry have not changed since DEMA was last held in the Big Easy (New Orleans’ nickname). More than two decades have passed since then, so of course, they have. 

The steel bulk freighter Huronton sunk in Lake Superior on Oct. 11, 1923
The steel bulk freighter Huronton sunk in Lake Superior on Oct. 11, 1923

WWI Era Freighter Wreck Located in Lake Superior

The Huronton was a steel bulk freighter. It was designed to transport large quantities of bulk cargo, such as coal, grain or ore. These types of vessels are characterized by large, open holds and are specifically built to handle and transport unpackaged bulk cargo efficiently across water bodies. The Huronton, in particular, was navigating Lake Superior during its time of operation in the early 20th century.

Diver Zach Whitrock at the site of the Trinidad wreck

Historical society finds 1880s shipwreck in Lake Michigan

According to a Facebook post, shipwreck enthusiasts and historians Brendon Baillod and Bob Jaeck located the schooner Trinidad earlier this year, submerged in 270 feet of water off Algoma.

The schooner, constructed in 1867 in New York, was a "canaller," specifically designed for navigating the Welland Canal connecting Lake Erie and Ontario. It primarily served the Great Lakes grain trade, shuttling coal and iron from New York and returning with Midwest grain.

Proposed Lake Ontario National Marine Sanctuary in eastern Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario National Marine Sanctuary proposed

NOAA invites the public to comment on this proposed rulemaking and will consider all submitted comments when preparing final regulations in the last phase of the sanctuary designation process.

The public comment period is open until March 20, 2023.

The national significance of the area within and around the proposed sanctuary will benefit from long-term protection, management and interpretation.

Bob Hollis in 2013

Bob Hollis has died

Over the course of his lifetime, Bob Hollis founded many companies including renowned scuba diving brands, Oceanic, Hollis, and Aeris as well as American Underwater Products, Pelagic Pressure Systems and ROMI Enterprises.  For several years he served on DEMA's executive committee.

Bob Hollis's accomplishments were many and varied. Over his extensive career, Bob received many awards, including the NOGI Award, and the DEMA Reaching Out Award, and he was inducted into the Scuba Diving Hall of Fame.