X-Ray Mag #2

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Peter Symes   Arne Eriksen

”They don’t eat people … do they?”

I can still remember the strain of uncertainty in the voice during the conversation. It is now several years ago since we sat together in the compartment of the train on its way north through Northern Sweden’s misty autumnal wilderness.

Nonoy Tan   Nonoy Tan

“El Dorado” reminds me of the mythical land of gold and riches that is dreamt of by treasure seekers. As I aimed my camera in search of the exotic marine wildlife of the “El Dorado” house reef, I felt like a treasure hunter from the fable.

Michael Arvedlund  

Our coral reefs are now under threat not only from the global warming, pollution and exploitation but also by the conduct of divers in these sensitive areas. The reefs are now calling for our protection both when we dive and as contributors to the ongoing struggle to preserve these unique ecosystems for future generations.

Andrey Bizyukin   Maxim Gresko

No One Else Will Ever Dive Higher or Report on this Unknown Expedition.

Underwater Himalayas – these words, while absurd at first glance, began to make sense in 1999 when Andrei Andryushin (NAUI dive instructor) together with his friend and adventure companion, Denis Bakin, have been traveling in the area of Anapurna, one of Nepal’s eight-thousand-meter mountain peaks. At one of the passes, a sherpa guide told Andrei that not far from their route lay Tilicho, the the highest mountain lake in the world.

Bill Becher   Bill Becher

I slap my hands on the water and two bottlenose dolphins swim toward me, propelled by a few flicks of their tails. The 400-pound creatures push hard on my feet with their noses and skim me across the surface of the warm Caribbean lagoon.


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