Lockdown Local Diving

Photo by Kate Jonker: Speckled klipfish at Pinnacle dive site in Gordon’s Bay, South Africa

As many divers face travel restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic, our contributors highlight the often overlooked or unsung yet intriguing diving that can be found in one's own backyard.

My Favorite Wreck Dive: Contributors' Picks

Photo by Scott Bennett: Diver and coral on the MV Shake’M wreck in Grenada. Exposure: ISO 400, f/13, 1/100s. Camera gear: Nikon D810 camera, 10.5mm Nikon lens, Seacam housing, two Ikelite D160 strobes

We asked our contributors what their favorite wreck dive was and they answered with tales and images of remarkable wrecks of all sorts and the artifacts found on them, giving first-hand accounts of their experiences on these underwater time capsules as well as glimpses into the history of each wreck.