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Buddy Dive adds extra week to Bonaire TeK!

Buddy Dive TeK is adding an extra week to Bonaire TeK! 

Bonaire Tek is THE tec diving event on Bonaire, attracting tec divers from all over the world and manufacturers of the best gear in the industry. 

This year, Bonaire TeK takes place from September 28 – October 5, 2024. Because of the huge success of the event, Buddy Dive TeK is adding an extra CCR week to Bonaire TeK! 

Buddy Dive Resort celebrates 40 years of Hilma Hooker Diving with Hilma Hooker Week

The event takes place from September 7th to September 14th, 2024.

The Hilma Hooker is one of the most well-known and favorite (wreck) dives on Bonaire. The wreck is in great shape and easily accessible from shore, as well as by boat, making it the favorite wreck in the Caribbean for many. 

The Hilma Hooker was built in 1951 in The Netherlands under the name Midsland. after changing names many times, it ended up on Bonaire in June 1984. 

Buddy Dive Resort Presents: "Buddy Dive Thru the Lens"

This year, Buddy Dive Thru the Lens will be hosted again at Buddy Dive Resort, this time from August 24th - 31st. Buddy Dive Thru the Lens is an underwater photography week with many options for (new) underwater photographers to develop their skills! 

Dive enthusiasts and photography aficionados are invited to immerse themselves in the mesmerizing beauty of Bonaire's underwater world at the much anticipated "Buddy Dive Thru the Lens" photography event, hosted by Buddy Dive Resort. 

Why Buddy Dive Resort is the best destination for the Ultimate Family Vacation

Can you imagine a dive trip with the entire family? Sharing your love for the ocean with your children or seeing them have their first scuba experience in a safe and calm environment? Family cannonballs in the pool or have the kids getting to know all the fish in the ocean? 

Let Buddy Dive Resort welcome you and your family for the perfect family vacation.

As a family business, we know exactly what you need for the entire family to have the best time. Buddy Dive offers a wide range of kid’s programs and dive courses for kids of all ages.