Waterproof W8

At long last, Waterproof lifted the veil on their new wetsuit, the W8. The introduction had to be postponed due to the worldwide supply chain difficulties, which hit neoprene production particularly hard. But now it is here and available in 5mm and 7mm thicknesses.

Waterproof D3 Ergo

The D3 Ergo is a further development of the Expedition Drysuit EX2. It has the same characteristics but has a strong tri-lam fabric instead of the EX2 breathable membrane. In addition, the D3 is derived from a military suit, and as such, it is designed for unrestricted mobility, both above and below the surface. Soft, flexible neoprene boots and a plastic zipper keeps the weight down. The whole suit—including valves, boots, seals and suspenders—weighs only 4.1kg. Waterproof.eu