Waterproof W8

Waterproof W8

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At long last, Waterproof lifted the veil on their new wetsuit, the W8. The introduction had to be postponed due to the worldwide supply chain difficulties, which hit neoprene production particularly hard. But now it is here and available in 5mm and 7mm thicknesses.

Similar in design and fit as the already excellent W7 wetsuit, but equipped with front-zip instead of back-zip, the W8 is (like all models in the Neoflex series) made of extremely soft, flexible and comfortable four-way super-stretch neoprene. The W8 is also equipped with the WaterDam, Waterproof’s unique solution that prevents water from streaming down your neck and spine when moving your head. The double Zipper Seal System behind the front zipper reduces the water flow through the suit to a minimum. Double seals with zippers at arms and legs adds comfort and easy donning/doffing.

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