Waterproof W2

Waterproof W2

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W2 is Waterproofs new back-zip wetsuit. After all the excitement created by the W1 front-zip suit, the W2 had to exceed this suite, so the task set for the design team was challenging. The result, W2 available in two versions, 5 mm and 7 mm, surpassed our expectations.

W2 features include anatomical gender-specific design, comfort front neck zipper, inner plush lining and a moulded rubber kneepad featuring a “hinge” effect. For further W2 suit and W2 ice vest features and product information please visit:

W1 The most recent news about W1 is that Waterproof with this suit is among the 5 finalists of The Grand Award of Design 2010.

More about this prestigious design award can be found at; The 5 finalists were announced on Tuesday night and the winner will be presented on May 11…

Here is the presentation film done in connection with this award, where you can hear and watch Göran Ehlme speaking (in Swedish) about the design process behind W1.

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