Eugenie Clark Stamp
Eugenie Clark Stamp

Eugenie Clark Stamp

By Larry Cohen & Olga Torrey

Eugenie Clark received many honors, including the Explorers Club Medal, Franklin L. Burr Award from the National Geographic Society, and the Medal of Excellence from the American Society of Oceanographers. In addition, in 2018, a newly discovered species of dogfish shark was named Squalus clarkae in her honor.

Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) Launches a Comprehensive Project Diver Program in 2022

Global Underwater Explorers
Global Underwater Explorers

GUE diver training programs are now reaching new heights with an exploration-grade level of diver training, designed to support the globally significant diving projects for which the organization is well known. GUE’s new Project Diver program distills the agency’s decades of project experience into a program that will support the elevation of community-led, project dives to an entirely new level of sophistication.

Diving Talks presents 'The Discussion Everybody Will Want to Hear'

This panel discussion will include Mark Caney, Mark Powell and Jean Claude Monachon talking about diving through the perspective of the three biggest agencies: PADI, SDI and SSI.

Mark Caney is a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Industry Relations and Training Executive, he is President of the European Underwater Federation, President of the Rebreather Training Council and President of the World Recreational Scuba Training Council.

Mark Powell is the SDI (Scuba Diving International) Director of Global Development.

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Instructor Trainer Mark Powell is now Director of Global Development

Mark Powell is now Director of Global Development

In 2017 Mark Powell became TDI / SDI's 'International Business' Manager. This job has recently been expanded to become a full-time role for the award winning author, instuctor trainer and 'tech-diving guru'. 

Mark Powell is uniquely qualified to help dive centers and professional members. Brian Carney



First-ever crewed dive into Atacama Trench

On 21 January 2022, two men dived the first-ever crewed dive to the deepest point of the Atacama Trench, the deepest trench in the south­eastern Pacific.

This feat saw explorer Victor Vescovo, Founder of Caladan Oceanic, and Osvaldo Ulloa from the Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO) de­scending to 8,069m below sea level, in the submersible Limiting Factor. This dive was the first in the Chilean leg of the Ring of Fire Pt 2 (2022) expedition.

Seagrasses are natural carbon dioxide sink, thanks to symbiotic bacteria

Seagrasses need nutrients to thrive, particularly nitrogen (N). Up to now, it has been assumed that the nitrogen is taken up by the seagrasses through leaves and roots from the surrounding seawater and sediment. However, in many of the regions where seagrasses are most abundant, there is little nitrogen to be found. Furthermore, while nitrogen is abundant in the sea in its elemental form (N2), seagrasses cannot use it in this form.

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Do you have a deep understanding of BSAC and the wider diving industry? Take a giant stride and apply to become BSAC's Diving & Training Advisor

Are you BSAC's new Diving & Training Advisor?

The successful candidate will need to have a deep understanding of BSAC and the wider diving industry, because the right diver will work in partnership with the BSAC regions and dive centres to maximise opportunities for diving.

This exciting role will support the delivery of BSAC’s new strategy. It's therefore essential that the experienced instructor can deliver in a dynamic working environment that requires close collaboration with colleagues. 

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Marine conservation diver and Ghost Diving founder, Pascal van Erp

Pascal van Erp to be featured in 'Dive Stories' podcast

According to 'Dive Stories', "Pascal van Erp will be sharing his experiences removing ghost fishing gear from the underwater world, about the innovative products being created from what he collects, and his fundamental thoughts on how we can all be part of the solution to ghost fishing."

PADI Dive Stories Podcast

PADI launched a monthly podcast called 'Dive Stories' in July 2020. Hosted by Allison Albritton - aka 'Ocean Allison' - a new episode is released on the 15th of every month.

When Dive Stories was first broadcast, Kristin Valette-Wirth from PADI stated, "The dive community is comprised of some of the most passionate, diverse and interesting people on the planet. Their stories have the ability to inspire and entertain and proliferate a deeper affinity for ocean exploration and conservation."

Scuba.Digital 2022 has been cancelled

The organisers inform they will refund 100% of all tickets and all fees for exhibitor and sponsor packs as well as photo competition entries within the next 14 days.

"We would like to thank our partners GUE and DAN Europe as well as all exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and participants for their support so far!"

What is next for the event?

The organisers state in an email they intend to continue to develop the Scuba.Digital community platform and make it the #1 digital platform for scuba divers, freedivers and snorkellers.