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(Illustration is not of actual event) On the morning of 28 September 2023, a recreational diver carrying out decompression stops died, almost certainly as a result of being struck by the rotating propeller of the UK registered diving support boat Karin. The missing diver’s body was found 3 weeks later following a seabed search conducted by a local survey vessel using side-scan sonar.

Tragic Incident Off the Coast of Orkney: Lessons from a Diver's Fatal Accident

A fatal accident occurred off the coast of Sussex involving a recreational diver and a dive support boat, "Karin." This tragic event has led to an investigation by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB), underscoring critical safety concerns within the diving industry.

Microplastic poses a growing concern in oceans and other aquatic habitat.
Microplastic poses a growing concern in oceans and other aquatic habitat.

Microplastics and the Ocean: The Invisible Threat Divers Can Help Monitor

Distressing images of turtles with plastic straws sticking out of their bodies or dead seabirds with stomachs brimming with synthetic trash justifiably attract public attention. 

However, this pollution extends to the microscopic scale from an increasing number of micro and nano plastics. These tiny particles permeate the depths of the oceans, posing significant health risks to marine creatures and humans alike. 

DAN Reminds Dive Pros to Avoid a Gap in Their Liability Coverage

This means that to be covered, you must have continuous (uninterrupted) coverage from the time of the incident that led to the claim to the time the claim is filed. 

Any gap in coverage, no matter how small, will negate coverage for previous incidents or claims. Keep in mind that it may take up to 48 hours to process your policy, and there is no grace period, so be sure to renew well before your current policy expires.

Before You Renew!

Buddy Dive adds extra week to Bonaire TeK!

Buddy Dive TeK is adding an extra week to Bonaire TeK! 

Bonaire Tek is THE tec diving event on Bonaire, attracting tec divers from all over the world and manufacturers of the best gear in the industry. 

This year, Bonaire TeK takes place from September 28 – October 5, 2024. Because of the huge success of the event, Buddy Dive TeK is adding an extra CCR week to Bonaire TeK! 

DAN Introduces Continuing Education for Dive Professionals

This free program focuses on risk mitigation and is now available to all dive professionals via DAN E-Learning. DAN expects this program will not only enhance divers’ safety but will also help reduce dive operators’ liability risk.

To encourage participation, DAN is offering discounted premiums on individual professional liability and group professional liability insurance to all DAN members who complete the e-learning, which can be done in about an hour. 

Screenshot of NovoScuba's website

New UK-Based Dive Training Agency Launched

NovoScuba, a UK-based dive training agency, has announced the introduction of a subscription-based training platform, aiming to offer an alternative approach to the traditional dive education system. The founders, leveraging over a century of combined experience in the diving industry, have designed a platform that they believe will modernize diving education by addressing some of the shortcomings of existing training methods.

SDI introduces new scuba instructor certification

This certification aims to recognise dedicated SDI Instructors and provide new professionals with a clear milestone to strive for.

One key objective is to acknowledge the accomplishments of SDI Instructors while encouraging the growth of the next generation of diving professionals. This rating celebrates their achievements and is designed for active SDI instructors committed to producing skilled divers.