SDI introduces new scuba instructor certification

SDI introduces new scuba instructor certification

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Scuba Diving International (SDI) has unveiled the SDI Elite Scuba Instructor recognition certification, addressing the demand for a rating positioned between SDI Open Water Scuba Instructor and Course Director.

This certification aims to recognise dedicated SDI Instructors and provide new professionals with a clear milestone to strive for.

One key objective is to acknowledge the accomplishments of SDI Instructors while encouraging the growth of the next generation of diving professionals. This rating celebrates their achievements and is designed for active SDI instructors committed to producing skilled divers.

Crossover path

For individuals transitioning to SDI from other diving agencies, SDI has introduced a crossover path for the Elite Scuba Instructor rating. This facilitates the recognition of equivalent certifications obtained from other agencies.

The application process for this recognition is straightforward. Eligible candidates must meet specific prerequisites, gather all the required supporting documentation, including certification counts, and submit their applications.

Free registration

Notably, for the initial six months following the certification's launch (until June 15th, 2024), registration for the Elite Scuba Instructor is free for qualifying individuals. 

To take advantage of this offer, applicants should complete the PDF version of the SDI Upgrade form and specify "Elite Scuba Instructor" in the "other" space. All necessary supporting documentation must accompany the application, which should be emailed to or the respective regional office.

The prerequisites for application are as follows:

  • Applicants must hold the title of SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor (Note: SDI Assistant Instructors are not eligible).
  • A minimum of seven SDI specialty instructor certifications are required (First Response Instructor certifications can also be counted).
  • Applicants must have issued at least 50 SDI diver certifications.
  • A minimum of four SDI Divemaster or SDI Assistant Instructor certifications must have been issued.

Please note that the SDI Elite Scuba Instructor certification is specific to SDI and does not encompass certifications from TDI, ERDI, or PFI.

Stay updated as we report on further developments in the diving community. For more information or inquiries, please reach out to the SDI official channels.  

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