BSAC launches Advanced Ocean Diver course

BSAC launches Advanced Ocean Diver course

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BSAC has launched its "next step" entry-level course, Advanced Ocean Diver, to allow qualified Ocean Divers to extend their diving depth to 30m.

Advanced Ocean Diver (AOD) is an optional course that gives new divers more choice and flexibility as they progress with their training.

The course is open to all Ocean Divers (or divers who have an equivalent certification from another recognised diver training agency and have also completed Nitrox training) aged 14 and over.


The Advanced Ocean Diver course includes four theory sessions, which can be completed either via eLearning or in person with an instructor, giving flexibility for students and instructors.

Practical sessions include two open water lessons and two depth progression dives. Centres can complete the AOD course in two days and make the most of BSAC’s digital and eLearning resources. There is no time limit for clubs delivering AOD.

On completion, Advanced Ocean Divers can conduct no-decompression dives to 30m accompanied by a Sports Diver (or equivalent) and above.

Gaining the AOD qualification can also be used to support more divers to progress to Sports Diver and beyond. Meanwhile, existing Sports Diver trainees can apply for the AOD qualification card part-way through their training, once they have completed the required theory and practical elements.

Stepping stone

“Advanced Ocean Diver does not replace Sports Diver, but can be used as a stepping stone that expands the opportunities available to divers as they progress towards this important grade,” said BSAC’s Head of Diving and Training, Dom Robinson.

The AOD course is now live and ready for delivery in both BSAC clubs and centres. Full course details of the new Advanced Ocean Diver can be found on the BSAC website.

“Advanced Ocean Diver will not only support our centres to remain competitive in both the overseas and UK entry-level diving market, but it will also be a real asset for our clubs.”

Dom Robinson, BSAC’s Head of Diving and Training

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