Finnsub Fly 13D Rescue Comfort Wing

Finnsub Fly 13D Rescue Comfort Wing

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This small, doughnut shaped, compact wing has been designed for single tank diving.

The vivid red 30lb lift capacity wing is aimed at the recreational diver because it can be dived with a 10, 12 or 15 litre cylinder. The wing itself is manufactured from durable 2000 denier Cordura. It is coupled with a 'FLY Comfort Harness' that comes in two sizes - S - XL and XXL - with the choice of an aluminium or stainless steel backplate. Fittings on the harness include 2 double-part weight pockets capable of carrying 5kg / 11lb of soft weight. As you would expect the chest, waist and crotch straps are all adjustable.

It does seem however that the 7 stainless steel D-Rings appear to be non-adjustable. If that is the case this oversight has the potential to be frustrating for the diver, especially when the harness only comes in two sizes. What appeals about this system is the bright colour. It is quite refreshing to see such an intensely coloured piece of equipment, and it should make this BCD visible from afar.

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