Flights to and from Asia just got a lot longer for many divers

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Flights to and from Asia just got a lot longer for many divers

Mon, 04/04/2022 - 21:39
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Following the closure of Russian airspace, many flights linking Europe and Southeast Asia have been forced to reroute, resulting in longer flight times and higher costs.

Staring at the map on a long flight

For many divers heading to Southeast Asia, their flight times have gotten a lot longer. Prior to the Russians invasion of Ukraine, many airline routes traversed Russian airspace en route to Southeast Asia. With the closure of Russian airspace to some international carriers, including many in Europe, airlines have been forced to seek alternate routes. For some flights from Europe, this is especially problematic, as Russia stands directly in the way.

Despite this, airline route planners have been working to find solutions. Alternate routes around Russia have resulted in longer flight times, increasing costs and impacting both passengers and crew. However, with many eager to travel after untold months of lockdowns, its an inconvenience many are willing to manage.

This is not the first time this situation has occurred. During the Cold War, civilian flights from Europe to the Far East were barred from traversing the Eastern Bloc countries, Soviet Union or China. Flights travelled via the Middle East or across Arctic North America and Greenland, with a refueling stop in Anchorage.