Shipwrecks of the Dover Straits

Stefan Panis' book serves as both an engaging guide and a comprehensive reference to the myriad of shipwrecks in the Dover Straits, offering valuable insights.

Shipwrecks of the Dover Straits
Shipwrecks of the Dover Straits
Stefan Panis
Publishing Info

ISBN 978-184995-496-9
240 × 170mm
Illustrated in full colour plus c.125 newspaper reports
April, 2024

This book dives into the Dover Straits' rich maritime legacy, showcasing a selection of shipwrecks through vivid photographs and engaging narratives. Each wreck is presented with historical context and a glimpse into the diver's experience, highlighting the thrill of uncovering ancient artefacts.

The volume offers a glimpse into the numerous wrecks lying in these challenging waters, many in remarkable condition, providing a fascinating read for enthusiasts of maritime history and wreck diving.