Word count and lenghts of articles

In X-Ray Mag we do not practice presetting specific word counts for feature articles. Rather than forcing articles into a predefined space, we strive to build the magazine around the features and not vice versa.

A spread (double page) in the magazine contains approx 650 words on average - once space is also allocated for some images etc.

That amount of text just about corresponds to one page of text in a standard Word-document.

A couple of pointers

  • Posts on the website: Typically 300-600 words—or half to full page in Word.
  • Short, newsy mentions are usually less than a page. Typically 300-600 words—or half to full page in Word.
  • Factual features (i.e. science, ecology, physiology, technical diving, photography,...) are generally 1200-2400 words—or 2-4 pages in Word.
  • Travel features and destination reports are usually 4-8 pages long. Well... you get the picture.

An average page in the magazine has approximately 650 words


The desired length and concision

Let the narrative unravel in a natural rhythm—don't fret over meeting some target— but strive to be concise.

Aim for the sweet spot or zone in between being long-winded and tersely truncated.

Check pasts issues of the magazine to see how it is usually done

Style conventions as pdf

Please also download the Contributors Style Guidelines Check List and check your text against it before you submit your final materials.