South West Technical Diving

Penetration of the Pascoli wreck by Matt in Croatia with a GUE team from Krnica. Photo credit: Steffen G Sholz
(+353) 021-471-4992

Ireland’s specialist and globally recognised technical centre, South West Technical Diving is delighted to support Peter and the team at X-Ray magazine.

We focus on technical training, trips and equipment.

For training, we are a TDI Dive Centre and ANDI facility and offer Cave Training (Open or closed circuit) to full and stage cave, Rebreather Training to full trimix on the JJ-CCR and Liberty Sidemount CCR and all levels of tech training up to instructor level.

For Trips, not just our amazing local Irish diving, but also Malta/Gozo, Lanzarote, Croatia, Mexico, Truk Lagoon and more.

For Kit, sales, rental and service we are proud to be

  • Ireland’s only Apeks Technical Centre for all Apeks and Aqualung Sales, Service and rental
  • the only Irish based factory accredited Instructor, Dealer and service centre for JJ-CCR
  • the Irish dealer and instructor for all Divesoft products including the Liberty Sidemount CCR where we literally wrote the course on bailout CCR’s
  • Irelands Pro dealer for Seacraft DPV’s
  • O'Three authorised reseller
  • Dealer for top quality kit like XDEEP, KUBI, ECS, Nautec and more

We are delighted to work with partners and customers across Europe and worldwide – call us, we are still in the EU!

We only sell what we dive, and we dive it to 100m, in caves and for many dives before we offer kit for sale or rent. We service it like it was our own.

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