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Silver Bank: Swimming with Humpback Whales in the Dominican Republic

A young humpback whale calf practices breaching out of the water, Silver Bank, Dominican Republic. Photo by Matthew Meier.

Slipping softly into the water, I had a straight path to the mother and calf that were resting near the surface only a short distance away. We closed the gap as quietly as a group of excited first-time whale watchers could manage and were rewarded with an initial glimpse of humpback whales from under the water. The newborn stayed close to its mother and swam up and over her rostrum as we looked on.

Photographing American Crocodiles in Cuba

American crocodile in the Gardens of the Queen marine park in Cuba. Photo by Vladimir Gudzev.
American crocodile in the Gardens of the Queen marine park in Cuba. Photo by Vladimir Gudzev.

The Gardens of the Queen is a popular and iconic dive location in Cuba for those underwater photographers who have creative ideas for documenting or capturing artistic images of sharks, groupers, crocodiles and other fauna of the Caribbean Sea. Here, it is possible to film life in the mangroves, and if one is lucky, meet a crocodile. Vladimir Gudzev reports.

The Bahamas' Tiger Beach

A pregnant tiger shark is redirected by the feeder, while two more tiger sharks swim in the background, Tiger Beach, Bahamas. Photo by Matthew Meier.

Standing on the swim step, trying to time my entry with a gap in the dozen or more lemon sharks circling directly below me was a bit daunting the first go around. Of course, the sharks knew this routine well and skillfully avoided my clumsy splash into the water. The reward waiting beneath the surface was an assemblage of sharks that cannot be collectively encountered anywhere else in the world.

The Bahamas’ Tiger Beach: Petting Zoo or the Real Deal?

Divemaster strokes a tiger shark near the bait box behind him, Tiger Beach, Bahamas.

Tiger Beach in the Bahamas is firmly established as one of those global dive destinations of which almost everybody has heard. Its fame is largely derived from the many published images of its most celebrated visitor—Galeocerdo cuvier, the tiger shark.

Buddy Dive Dominica update

Buddy Dive started doing business in Dominica late 2014 with signing the partnership agreed between Buddy Dive and the Fort Young Hotel, followed by the official opening of the Dive operation in August 2015. In the two years that followed Buddy Dive Dominica has grown into a full-service dive operation with three boats and eleven staff members and the journey has been great. Unfortunately, Dominica saw a direct landfall from Category 5 Hurricane Maria on September 18, 2017.

Great Hammerhead Sharks of South Bimini

Like a fashion model up on the catwalk, great hammerhead sharks sashay into one’s field of vision, and, if they were human, you would probably say they have just “made an entrance”. Their strange mallet-like head, robust body girth and tall sickle-shaped dorsal fin make them well-nigh instantly recognisable, and most other sharks in the immediate area spot that too and give them a wide berth.