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X-Ray Mag #28

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Andrey Bizyukin   Andrey Bizyukin

All along the shores of the Kola Peninsula in North Russia, Finno-Ugric tribes (Laplander) have lived since the oldest of ages. In the 11th century, the Viking ships appeared here, and then the Novgorods and the Pomors (Russian settlers and traders on the coasts of the White Sea and the Barents Sea) came.

Edited by G. Symes   Frank Russell

These days anything we can do to help the environment and recycle is a good idea. American artist Frank Russell of North Carolina takes recycling to another level, transforming it into an art form with his fantastic sculptures of underwater creatures created with found objects and scap metal.

Peter Symes   Peter Symes

NAUI turns 50. Are the founding principles still valid half a century later, have they changed, and how does the organization plan to evolve in the next 50?

One thousand and 192 islands, islets and sand cays string the 26 atolls of the Maldives; from the air they float like emerald necklaces flung upon a cobalt blue sea.

Ice diving is always something out of the ordinary. The atmosphere, colors, flora and fauna—it definitely pays off to endure the icy temperatures for a while. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of. If you are not afraid of the cold water and you can overcome the anxiety of diving under ice, you will enjoy photographing the sometimes bizarre formations under the ice.

Cedric Verdier   JP Bresser

The use of rebreathers in caves is nothing new. Decades ago, Hans and Lotte Hass used them to venture into marine caves. Profiles like Rob Palmer in the UK, Bill Stone, George Irvine and Jarrod Jablonski in the USA, or Olivier Isler in Europe, are also strongly linked to rebreathers and cave diving.

Recreational cave divers discovered Oxygen CCR in the Navy surplus, then experimented with Draeger Dolphins, and more recently, APD Inspiration. Nowadays, there are many different brands and models, and they become even more popular within the cave diving community worldwide.


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