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This little fellah is trying to tell you something. Do you know what? That posture is a signal

Clone of Clone of Formel Tech UK

Every time I look up into the starry night sky, I cannot help but wonder what other worlds are out there and whether there is life among all those twinkling stars.  Are we alone in the universe?  

I guess I am just like most people—haven't we all reflected on this most fundamental existential question at some point?

When was this image taken?

An Innate Connection

Take a close look at this image. When was it taken? Last year, actually, but it could have been 60 years ago. It shows the beach where I spent most of my childhood summers, since I was a toddler, and where I have spent most of my summer holidays ever since. In the photo, it is as if time has stood still. Those kids playing on the sandbar could have been my brother and me as children.

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