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Aircraft of the Imperial Airways refuelling at Semakh, October, 1931.
Aircraft of the Imperial Airways refuelling at Semakh, October, 1931.

Decarbonising aviation is possible

Who among us has not felt at least a twinge of guilt in booking a flight to a far-flung dive destination, knowing very well that the trip will add a significant contribution of CO2 and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere? Being both a keen traveller and avid environmentalist, I surely have felt conflicted.

Can flying ever become truly carbon neutral, or are airframers claims just another case of "greenwashing"?
Can flying ever become truly carbon neutral, or are airframers claims just another case of "greenwashing"?

Airbus A380 flies on 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Don't we all want to be able to fly to our favourite dive destinations with a net-zero carbon emission? If our flights can be fuelled with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), we might just be able to travel long distances without a bad conscience over making climate change worse.

With Covid-19 tests being part of the travel landscape for the near future, IATA is putting their endorsement behind rapid antigen tests.

Airlines start dropping pandemic-specific rules

As more people get their first shots of Covid-19 vaccine, some airline industry traditions are coming back. Airlines are slowly returning to their old boarding policies, while quietly re-adding change fees to certain tickets.

According to Travel Weekly, the majority of major airlines will go back to assessing fees on Basic Economy fares by April 1, 2021.

Danum Valley, Sabah, Malaysia

Airline industry clears forest-carbon credits plan

The global civil aviation industry has paved the way for airlines to help neutralize their climate footprint by protecting nature. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has approved two forest-carbon programs from which airlines can purchase carbon credits. Under a UN framework known as Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+), the “nature-based” credits fund protection for forests that absorb and store carbon from the atmosphere.

When can we travel again?

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Massive decline

The scale of the coronavirus pandemic’s impact is outlined in a report by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), which predicts a decline in international travel of between 58% and 80% in 2020. The prediction of a 58% decline is based on the gradual reopening of international borders and easing of travel restrictions in early July; the 80% figure is based on early December.

Pebble Smartwatch

Dubai International launches smartwatch app

Passengers flying through Dubai International can now access vital travel information right on their smartwatch. Developed by Dubai Airports in conjunction with Amsterdam-based company M2Mobi, the app is being made available for iOS and Android software platforms. An extension of the Dubai Airports mobile app, the smartwatch app provides travellers quick access to the latest status of their bookmarked flight, including arrival or departure times, terminal, gate or baggage belt information.

easyJet, flights to Sharm El-Sheikh. Rosemary E Lunn, X-Ray Mag
An easyJet A320

easyJet Answers Egyptian Flight Rumours

Egypt’s Only Daily Independent Newspaper In English' ran a story on Wednesday 24th February 2016 stating that easyJet would be resuming flights to Egypt in May.

An official at the Ministry of Tourism said British EasyJet Airways will resume its flights from England to Sharm El-Sheikh in May 2016.

We contacted easyJet today to confirm the situation. easyJet issued this statement.

"Where's my bag?"

Lost luggage? Not likely!

While visitors to Japan may experience plenty of lost-in-translation moments, their luggage is unlikely to go astray. Kansai International Airport has been voted the world’s best for reuniting passengers with their luggage. Incredibly, not one incident of lost baggage has occurred since the airport opened in 1994.

For its recent World Airport Awards 2015, a ranking of the world’s top 10 airports for baggage handling was compiled by Skytrax, the UK-based airline and airport consultancy.

Malaysia's new airline in $1.5bn deal with Bombardier

A new Malaysian airline has signed a $1.5bn deal with Canadian manufacturer Bombardier for 20 new CS100 aircraft. Called flymojo, the new private carrier would be based out of Johor Bahru in the south and Kota Kinabalu in East Malaysia.

The launch was announced at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace exhibition with Prime Minister Najib Razak in attendance. According to deputy minister of transport Aziz Kaprawi, it would play a vital role in improving air travel between the Malaysian Peninsula and other parts of the region.