AP Diving announces Firmware update

AP Diving announces Firmware update

Tue, 01/05/2018 - 14:30
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The vast majority of AP rebreather divers will have been informed of this update by email. However it has come to APD's attention that some of their registered Inspiration users have not received the mailing. This is either because the email address APD has on record is out-of-date or the mailing has been rejected by the individual's spam filter.

AP Diving has therefore made the following request.

"If you want us to be able to easily contact you with future updates and / or safety notices we would appreciate it if you could check your junk mailboxes and if necessary 'whitelist' us, so that you are able to receive mail from in future.

In the event that you didn't receive the mail and we are not in the junk folder or you wish to update your user registration, please contact Nicky Finn with your current email address."

AP Diving have stated that they will only contact customers to advise them of safety alerts, firmware upgrades, the release of new products and occasionally notice of factory opening times during holiday periods. All communication has opt-out information at the bottom if you no longer want to receive information.

You will NOT be inundated with emails from AP Diving and your email address will not be passed onto third parties

Firmware Update

Rebreather users can find details of firmware updates on AP Diving's website.

You will find the relevant links for V06.00.36 below

AP Diving have also said that if rebreather users have any problems updating their firmware, to give the factory a call and they'll talk you through the process.

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