Conscious Breath Adventures Returns to the Silver Bank in 2022

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Conscious Breath Adventures Returns to the Silver Bank in 2022

Mon, 09/08/2021 - 20:54
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Conscious Breath Adventures is excited to announce the resumption of their cruises to swim with the humpback whales on the Dominican Republic’s Silver Bank in 2022.

Every winter the Silver Bank is home to the largest gathering of humpback whales found anywhere in the North Atlantic, and Conscious Breath Adventures is exceptionally positioned to lead visitors there. 

The Silver Bank, part of the Sanctuary for the Marine Mammals of the Dominican Republic, is one of the few places on earth where swimming with humpback whales is officially sanctioned, permitted, and properly regulated. 

Conscious Breath Adventures is privileged to hold one of the few permits issued to take¬†their guests to meet the whales¬†eye-to-eye in the water‚ÄĒthe¬†ultimate wildlife experience!

Every year Conscious Breath Adventures operates a series of one-week cruises aboard the M/V Sea Hunter, one of the most reputable vessels in the liveaboard diving industry. For more than twenty years the M/V Sea Hunter has earned top marks for safety, comfort, dependability, and service.

Carrying just twenty guests in ten well-appointed staterooms, she is your home away from home on the Silver Bank, a place visited by just a few hundred travelers annually.

A journey to see and swim with the humpback whales on the Silver Bank is a peak experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

It is impossible to find the words to describe the experience of interacting with a forty-ton, school-bus-sized humpback whale when it approaches of its own free will; of seeing a mother humpback nurture her curious, playful new calf; of observing the graceful courtship dance between two amorous adults; or of being immersed in the bone-shaking song of a singing male humpback. 

Guests are left giddy with laughter or moved to tears, sometimes both. Many describe these encounters as a spiritual experience. Photographers are thrilled at the world-class opportunities above and below the surface. It is all that plus amazingly fun!

While spending a week with thousands of whales, guests share their time with like-minded enthusiasts from around the world. The shared experience inspires a strong camaraderie that sometimes leads to lasting friendships and is one of the unexpected rewards of the journey.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the 2021 season was cancelled. Now Conscious Breath Adventures is excited to resume tours in January 2022. 

Much of the upcoming season is booked but a few opportunities remain for guests to join. Accommodations for one to six guests are still possible on selected weeks. Reserve your stateroom while berths are still available for the 2022 season, or make areservation for 2023. 

Visit Conscious Breath Adventures at or contact CaptainGene Flipse at or by phone or WhatsApp at +1 (305) 753-1732.

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