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Darkwater Vision specialise in designing and manufacturing equipment for divers who have to work in zero visibility water conditions.

In 2016 the Florida based company unveiled their 'Hammerhead' zero visibility underwater vision system at EUROTEK. This ground breaking technology allows divers to see clearly up to 2.5 mt / 8 ft in dark, turbid, (some) silty and zero visibility conditions, in real time, without having to displace water.

Darkwater Vision is set to launch their latest product in the next few weeks, and this too will be showcased at EUROTEK. "We had a number of companies contact us with a request to use the binocular Hammerhead with a commercial diving helmet, ie Kirby Morgan", stated Darkwater Vision.

"Our system was originally designed for a full face mask, and we could not make it work on commercial diving helmets. We have therefore invested a significant amount of resource in research and development, and we are proud to announce we are launching the monocular Lamprey."

As the name suggests, the monocular is a single lens, and it fits a wide variety of commercial diving helmets and full face masks. This option gives the diver maximum flexibility over their vision, because the diver has the ability to use one eye for normal, every day vision, whilst the other eye utilises Darkwater Vision technology to 'see' through black water.

Darkwater Vision has also designed this system so that 'topside' can view and record underwater footage in real time too. The company reports that test divers - both commercial and full face mask - like the 'low tech' option of changing their vision simply by using a different eye.

The monocular Lamprey weights in at 1.8 kg / 4 lb (topside) and 0.8 kg / 1.8 lbs (in-water) and has a depth rating of 100 mt / 300 ft.

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