Diving in Nassau - Where to Go


Controlled diving in the Atlantis Resort is a great way for beginners to get 'the bug'

If you're lucky enough to be jetting off to the Bahamas, then Nassau should be the diving destination for you. Whilst there are hundreds of there's something special about 'Paradise Island'. The waters here are absolutely crystal clear and warm year round, while reefs, walls, caves and holes all make perfect habitats for a staggering array of marine life. Sharks, dolphins, turtles and more fish than ever the most optimistic of divers could dream of will be waiting to greet you as soon as you dive down into that deep blue ocean. Here are some of the best spots to visit, both in and out of the water on your trip.

No Need to Leave the Atlantis Resort in Nassau

The Atlantis Resort in Nassau is and caters to a wide range of interests. The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure called the resort its home for more than a decade thanks to the fantastic facilities available here. So, if you happen to be travelling with a reluctant diver then there'll be plenty to keep them busy whilst you go out and explore.

Of course, if you are fortunate enough to be travelling with a keen diver, then you might be surprised to hear that you still might not want to leave the resort! The Atlantis Resort is home to a huge number of incredible habitats for marine life, including a couple that you're able to snorkel in! One of the snorkelling spots is Ruins Lagoon which is home to 20,000 deep reef fish. Whilst this habitat is viewable from dry land, the resort also offers guests the opportunity to snorkel in the enclosed environment. If you ever needed an excuse to be lazy and stay in the resort then this has got to be it.

James Bond Wrecks

Shipwreck dives always provide a dramatic backdrop for photographs


Moving away from the resort, there are plenty of Owing to its brilliant water clarity and dramatic underwater landscape, Nassau has played backdrop to many of the Bond films. One particular wreck that is famous on the Hollywood screen is the Vulcan Bomber from the 1965 Thunderball film. This wreck is some 40 feet down and supports a thriving coral reef and plenty of other marine life.

The other Bond wreck is the Tears of Allah shipwreck which featured in the Never Say Never Again film. This wreck is in a similar depth of water and is home to colorful sponges as well as parrotfish, nurse sharks and occasionally large stingrays. The colours and variety in both wrecks make these spots a photographers' dream and absolutely essential to check out.

Runway Wall

Although this particular dive is known by many different names, it won't be difficult to find. Called everything from Runway Wall, to Shark Cove, Bahamas Shark Arena and combinations of the three, this dive is so frequently nicknamed because it's just so dramatic. The dive site is just 40 feet, so all levels of certified divers are able to take part.

The reef provides a natural environment of tube sponges and corals for reef sharks to dwell in. This part of the dive is relaxing and beautiful. Those who are after a more 'hands on' experience should take part in the shark feeding experience where you can get up super close to these beautiful animals.

The Shark Wall

Not to be confused with the myriad names for the above dive, the Shark Wall is a more challenging dive. It starts to get exciting about 10 metres down where you'll find typical reef life and great photo opportunities. The Shark Wall then continues sharply downwards for thousands of metres. On your descent, you'll be able to see plenty of stingrays and reef sharks, with plenty of Nassau groupers (the Bahama's flag fish) and black groupers too. Eagle rays, moray eels, and lobsters are also visible closer to the wall, poking menacingly from dark holes and rocky outcrops. If you're fearless, adventurous and in the market for some varied and fascinating diving then this is the place to go.