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Ear Pro is the world’s top preventative remedy against water-related ear problems.

Ear Pro is now available to consumers in the U.S. via select online outlets and local retailers. Made with natural ingredients, including liquid paraffin oil and oregano oil, Ear Pro is safe for water enthusiasts of all ages to prevent issues like “swimmer’s ear”, which currently results in an estimated 2.4 million health care visits every year and nearly half a billion dollars in health care costs in the U.S. alone.

“Using Ear Pro is like waterproofing your ears. It’s the ultimate defense against water-related ear problems, providing relief from recurring issues that can ultimately lead to hearing loss, a common issue for people who love the water. It’s quick and easy to spray in your ears and has no negative impact on your hearing or balance,” said Ear Pro co-founder Tradian Maier.

“We took great care to use natural ingredients including paraffin oil, which provides a highly water-repellent layer, and oregano oil, which helps your body fight complications caused by trapped water and avoid the need for antibiotics.”

Maier, a former pharmaceutical industry professional, came up the idea for Ear Pro after witnessing countless individuals get sidelined from the water during dive trips due to ear pain. Shortly after, he met longtime dive instructor Paul Dollar, who suffered from ear pain so acute that his doctor prohibited him from participating in his beloved career altogether.

The two watermen knew they were on to something and after two years of research and testing, Ear Pro was created. The groundbreaking product initially launched in Europe and is now available for the first time in the U.S.

Ear Pro is available as a spray and is recommended for application every two hours during water exposure to both ears. Safe for all ages, Ear Pro can be purchased at and

Ear Pro is a 1% for the Planet company with 1% percent of all revenue going back to the planet to benefit a water-related cause.

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