Elysium Coral Triangle

“By successfully combining the wisdom of science and passion of art, this masterfully illustrated volume provides both inspiration and evidence that action is urgently needed to protect the future of our water planet—and in so doing, the future of humankind.”

Sylvia Earle

Elysium book cover
Michael Aw
Publishing Info

The ELYSIUM Heart of the Coral Triangle fine art book – limited edition

Jacket, 8pp Endpaper + 180pp Text + 8pp French Fold Jacket
338mm W X 253mm H folded
150gsm Matt Art Acid free Paper
Text – high quality 6C process - 5C X 5C plus Spot Gloss and matt Varnish.

Jacket – 7 C process 4c plus silver stamping, Matt and spot UV
Fully cased, section hand sewn, head and tail band, with mull cloth, square back, jacketing

$AUD 105 (includes postage within Australia & Singapore)
$AUD 148 (including postage worldwide)

In 2017, an explorer team of the worlds’ most renowned and respected photographers, cinematographers, explorers, artists and scientists, spent three weeks surveying the reefs of Raja Ampat following in the path of the famous Sir Alfred Wallace.

Regarded by scientists as the heart of biodiversity, this area of Indonesia remains one of the most enchanting and critically important ecosystems on our planet. However, despite its beauty and significance, the future of the region is severely threatened by the warming of the world’s climate and plastic pollution.

Stunning reefs and exquisite fish life. Encapsulated in technicolor brilliance, the journey reveals an aqueous frontier of never ending rainbow - colored reefs, rich beyond the ordinary; immense has a new meaning, impressions entice and thrill the senses.

This book encapsulates the beauty of the Heart of the Coral Triangle.