How sea turtles evade sharks

How sea turtles evade sharks

Sun, 09/11/2014 - 06:11
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Skyler Thomas presents an interview with Randall Arauz, the President of Pretoma (Progama Restauración de Tortugas Marianas) about how sea turtles protect themselves from sharks.

Sea turtles have evolved a set of defenses against sharks, using their unusual shape, and their ability to flexibly change direction to evade these efficient predators. In this case, a tiger shark is shown attacking a sea turtle.

By turning its shell towards the shark as it strikes, the turtle prevents the predator from succeeding in biting it--sharks cannot open their mouths wide enough to bite a turtle when it is turned vertically. Another strategy turtles use when they are under attack by a shark, is to turn close around it. The shark is unable to grasp it, because it cannot turn so sharply. As long as the turtle stays behind the shark's head, it is safe!

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