Isotta Housing for Nikon Z9

Isotta Housing for Nikon Z9

Mon, 29/05/2023 - 14:41
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Isotta has begun shipping its housing for the Z9, one of Nikon's most advanced full-frame mirrorless cameras.

The Z9 housing has all the same features as other Isotta housings, including dual integrated adjustable handles, one-handed opening and closing via a rotary knob, dual O-ring seals on all buttons and removable parts, and an integrated moisture alarm. It is made of anodised aluminum and finished in the company's trademark red.

Two fiber-optic connectors are included on the housing (an optional trigger is required), and optional bulkheads allow for the attachment of strobes using electrical sync cables. Several accessories, like a vacuum valve or external monitor, can be installed using the one M28 and three M16 ports.

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