Lefeet S1 Scooter

Lefeet S1 Scooter

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Many underwater scooters are quite bulky and heavy, as they have been designed for technical divers, photographers and others who need to get around large, deep wrecks or long penetrations into caves and mines.

But for divers with less demanding needs, something more nimble would do. To that end, the Lefeet S1 is a compact design weighing just 2.5 kg (depending on accessories) making it easy to carry, even on flights—the manufacturer states that the battery is “airline-approved.”

The scooter has three speeds—low, medium and high—and can go down to 40m depth. Endurance is 45 to 70 minutes on a full charge, and the battery can be easily and quickly replaced. For greater performance, two units can be connected.

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