Mobby's Air Shelter

Mobby's Air Shelter

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There are times when you want a bit of extra warmth pre and post dive, especially when you are diving in a wetsuit.

It truly is no fun being stuck on a dive boat, in a wet wetsuit, and then “the north wind doth blow”. One solution is to scamper across the deck. Seek shelter from the wind. Strip off. Towel down. And don dry clothing.

A quicker fix is to put some form of thermal protection over your wetsuit, such a windproof walking jacket. There are two down downsides to this. The inside of the jacket will get, at best, damp. And a walking jacket can be quite a struggle to get into when you are already wearing a wet or drysut.

Now there is a new solution. Mobby’s (the drysuit manufacturer) has launched a product idea I have not seen before. A big boat coat called an ‘Air Shelter’. This hooded coat is manufactured from a bi-material. 2mm neoprene lined with fleece for a snug feeling.

The arms are long, wide and loose fitting, making it less of an effort to put on when wearing a wet or drysuit. Once on, you fasten the flappy wrists with a Velcro tab. The front centre one way zip is protected by an external storm flap that is secured in place by strips of Velcro.

Mobby’s Air Shelter comes in in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large. Three colours: beige, black, navy. And three dual brightly coloured combinations: yellow / orange, pink / mink, sky purple.

Honestly, I would struggle to say it this boat coat is fashionable. But would I wear one? Yes! It looks as though it is utterly practical and I hate getting cold.

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