Florida Professor Resurfaces After Spending 100 Days Living Underwater

Florida Professor Resurfaces After Spending 100 Days Living Underwater

Wed, 14/06/2023 - 11:17
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On Friday Joseph Dituri reached his goal of 100 days at the bottom of a 30-foot lagoon in Key Largo, Florida.

Professor Joseph Dituri from the University of South Florida broke a previous Guinness World Record when he surfaced after living underwater for 100 days.

A retired U.S. Navy Diving Officer and aquanaut, the 55-year-old Dituri embarked on the project in an effort to learn about the effects of hyperbaric pressure on the human body.

He hypothesises that increased pressure has the potential to help humans live longer and prevent diseases associated with ageing.

During his long stay in the pressurized environment, the educator and scientist undertook daily experiments and completed a variety of tests underwater.

He was also closely monitored by a psychologist and psychiatrist to document the impact of the mission on his mental well-being.

Dituri said he hopes his underwater research will benefit the treatment of a variety of illnesses, including traumatic brain injuries, according to a University of South Florida press release.

Preliminary findings show that the time underwater improved cholesterol levels and inflammation in his body. The US Navy veteran said he’s already noticed one impact: The water pressure seems to have shrunken his stature by half an inch. 

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