Seac Sub Smart BCD

Seac Sub Smart BCD

Sun, 27/03/2016 - 14:06
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Seac Sub states "maximum resistance and functionality are the key features of this model."

Seac Sub Smart BCD

Let us see if this male jacket lives up to Seac's claim.

The 'Smart' BCD weighs in at 3.3kg and is fitted with Seac Sub's new safety release weight pocket system.

To 'lead up' you simply pinch the clip, lift up the pocket flap and slot your lead (maximum 4kg) into the pocket. Each pocket has an internal divider to stop your lead from sliding about. In the unlikely event, you need to ditch your lead, you simply pinch the clip and pull down on the silver handle. The bottom of the pocket opens and the lead slides out of the pocket and into the water. Both the top and bottom flap benefit from large velcro pads to hold the flaps in place.

Seac Sub have given divers a choice when it comes to hose routing. You can secure your gauge in the traditional manner by clipping it to a 25mm D ring located just above the zipped side pocket. Or you can choose to thread your gauge inside the BCD - behind the zipped pocket and integrated weight system - sliding the end out of a specially designed slot above the pocket. A neat streamlined solution that stops your gauge from flapping in the breeze.

This BCD looks as though it would make for a good travel BCD, or a 'my first BCD'. It seems practical and effective - two zipped pockets, six 25mm stainless steel D rings, and the ability to completely remove the chest strap, or move it to a secondary position.

* Outer bladder material - PU coated Cordura 1000
* Inner bladder material - PU coated cordura 500
* 2 pull dump valves
* Low-pressure inflator that dumps via a button or pulling on the hose
* Padded backplate
* Integrated grab handle
* Available in four sizes

Lift Capacity
- Small: 24.7lb / 11.3kg lift
- Medium: 33.7lb / 15.4kg lift
- Large: 40.3lb / 17.4kg lift
- Extra large: 40.3lb / 40.3kg lift

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