Secret Seas

Professional underwater photographer, Paul Flandinette and marine scientist and underwater photographer Michel Claereboudt take the reader on a breathtaking journey of discovery into Oman's underwater world.

Book cover
Paul Flandinette
Michel Claereboudt
Publishing Info

Hardback 300mm x 240mm
295 Photos
160 Species
240 Pages
Printed on sustainably sourced
170 gsm matt art paper
Common and Latin name indices

The era of splendorous coffee-table books is not over after all.

True to this classic format, the graphic design is elegant and photographs are given lavish space across the spreads of the book so it can truly showcase the vibrant underwater diversity of Oman.

Many other coffee-table books offer little more in terms of texts than perhaps expansive captions and are thin as regards putting images into a wider context. many are just showing off photographic prowess.

What I appreciate about this book is that it is different. While it is also a photographic showcase it does cover, in a fair bit of detail, matters such as oceanography and biogeography, reef conservation and turtle sanctuaries.

It also goes into Oman's history, its people and different regions. At least, I felt all the wiser after reading this book. It also made me want to visit Oman to see for myself but that is another matter.