SI Tech Orust Neck Seal System

SI Tech Orust Neck Seal System

Fri, 16/02/2018 - 21:21
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Today my dryuit sports neoprene seals because they are robust, they are warmer and you can easily mend them in the field. But for many years I dived with latex seals because I loved how easy they were to don and doff, and I tolerated with the limited life span.

One day my latex neck seal tore at just the wrong time and I had to bin a dive. It was at the time when it was pretty much impossible to get a latex seal instantly changed in the field. It was a problem that manufacturers took notice of. In the mid to late noughties a couple of solutions were launched. DUI unveiled their ZipSeals, whilst Waterproof worked in partnership with SI TECH to develop the Neck Tite System.

In both instances the diver was able to rapidly and securely change their neck seal in the field without glue - a real boon! A latex seal neck system looked to be a great idea on paper. Less so in practice. ZipSeals cost three figure sums and the Neck Tite system just wasn't that comfy to wear or dive. The solid securing ring could dig into your shoulders.

SI TECH took note. The Swedish manufacturer has just launched the third version of their modular quick change neck system. SI TECH states that their ORUST neck seal system offers better flexibility and softness than the Neck Tite and the Quick Neck. The design can be mounted in a greater range of suits (materials and models).

The Neck Ring and the Lock Ring is made from a more malleable material and clips have been added to keep the neck seal in place. SI TECH has also considered the practical fitting in the field. A specialist tool is no longer needed when fitting the neck system - the seal and Lock Ring can be mounted into the PU-Ring by hand. It is good to see that it is still possible for the diver to fit either silicone or latex neck seals, and different sized seals can be fitted so that more than one person can dive a suit. The system can also be fitted to amphibious drysuits, rescue suits and water sports garments.

Key Features

  • Compatible with both latex and silicone seals
  • Silicone seal set available in 2 sizes: small, standard
  • Latex seal set available in 3 sizes: small, medium, large

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