Text document elements and structure

Please submit your texts as a Word-documents and with the components listed.

Important:   Before submission, please get written (email) usage permission, text/caption approval from each author and photographer, and a release from each person in photos, and submit these and captions for every image at the same time as your article.

Texts must be submitted as a Word doc (not PDF).

Structure your document as follows

Your Name



Bylines:  (List alphabetically by last name)
Text by ...
Photos by ...


A brief introductory summary of the article appearing immediately after the headline, smaller than the heading but still larger than the main text

Body text

Use Arial 11-point font; single-spaced; double space between paragraphs; do not indent
Include notes, if any, as to desired photo placement in text in brackets, with image file number and name
include notes, if any, as to desired sidebar placement in text in brackets
To denote end of text, place three hash marks at the end: ###

Author bio

2-3 lines about the author including your full name, your nationality, where you are based, your profession, certifications, specialities/focus or latest book. List your website URL where readers can go for more info


(1 line) Briefly list just the main dive operators/resort, individuals or organizations the author wishes to formally thank for their assistance in the production of this article.


Please list any outside sources used for facts and quotes in your text, using the following format:

Author(s). Title of article in low caps except for the first word. Title of book or periodical in low caps except for the first word.
Publisher. Date published. Volume, issue number, pages or Website URL.

Sidebars (if any)

Sidebar title
Sidebar text: limit 150 to 300 words max – if over 300, include in main body text or as a separate article

Fact file

(for travel features only)

Please follow the fact file format in our past travel features.
Paraphrase – do not copy and paste – information from sources: cia.gov World Fact Book, cdc.gov for health and vaccination info, travel.state.gov for visa and security info, xe.com for currency and exchange rates]

List of captions and photo credits

Please use the following general file naming convention for images:

  • Image number_Location_DiveSite_SpeciesNameAndBehaviour_ByPhotographerName

The file number/name gives sequence and caption information, which helps us place it in the right spot in your text.
List location and/or dive site first in all file names.
Use ‘ByPhotographerName’ to credit the photographer, so we know they are not a person in the photo.

See file name examples below:

  • DC1012_Bali_Tulamben_HouseReef_HairyFrogfishGuardingEggsOnNightDive_ByJaneDoe
  • DS4043_Dorset_Weymouth_HMSWarriorII_JohnSmithAtPropeller_ByJaneDoe


Please do not use punctuation or symbols in file names, as they cause InDesign to crash.
Use folders to group images by photographer, so we know whom to credit.
Place topside photos in a separate folder.



Photos must be 3000pix, 144dpi, RGBs jpg or tiff, histogram- and colour-corrected, cleaned of backscatter, with no watermarks/photo credits on them. Maximum: 30 image files.    See this post for all details.