Trshbg introduces a wearable Trash Collection Bag for Divers

Trshbg introduces a wearable Trash Collection Bag for Divers

Thu, 16/12/2021 - 23:32
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Trshbg was created by a team of surfers and divers from all over the world. Now, every diver and surfer can clean the ocean, on every session.

Trshbg is handmade in Bali of re-used scooter tubes and banners and is available in a 3.8L Hip Bag and a 1.2L Calf Bag.

Each bag is available with either buckle clips or velcro closures for securing the bag to the user and features a patented, single-handed, one way entry. A lockable side zipper allows the bag to be easily emptied when full.

Trshbg can be worn on your dive, surf or swim, allowing you to keep your hands free. You don’t feel the bag on your body and it allows you to pick up litter whenever you happen to encounter it. 

Be part of the change! The more ocean athletes that join to clean, the cleaner the planet.

Trshbg is shipping worldwide from local warehouses, just select your destination and color.

For more information, please visit

Instagram: trshbg_tbag 

facebook: trshbg-tbag

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