VDI unveils a dive simulator app

VDI unveils a dive simulator app

Sun, 26/12/2021 - 19:50
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Virtual Divers International (VDI) have announced that they have created a realistic diving simulator.

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You can purchase the game via the App Store or Google Play for US$49

According to VDI "this app is as close to diving as you can get on your mobile device while playing a game at the same time. More than a game, this simulator puts you in the diver's seat!"

Target market

The platform allows divers to enjoy their sport, with the simulator integrating the most used items in diving: mobile devices, training, and a connection to others with the same lifestyle.

It is believed that the VDI app is aimed at billions of gamers either wanting to dive, or divers continuing their adventures. By introducing new ways to engage/re-engage end-users, it is hoped that VDI will encourage all levels of training, equipment sales, and travel.

Jim Holliday

The team behind VDI includes two dive professionals: Jim Holliday and Rob Partridge. Holliday has a long career in the scuba diving industry. He has distributed Sherwood, Aqualung, Suunto, Sharkskin, and Neptune wetsuits, and worked extensively with SSI in the South Pacific and throughout Asia.

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Jim Holliday, pictured at the 2015 DEMA Show


In spring 2014, Holliday, along with Paul Toomer, bought shares in the dive training agency RAID in order to take it to the next level. In August 2014, he was appointed the new CEO of RAID International, a post he held until approximately two years ago. 

Now, Holliday, VDI's operations officer, has confirmed that the first dive training agency to get involved with his latest project is Scuba Schools International. 

VDI is honoured to host 3000+ SSI Dive Centers across the world, on our locator platform.

VDI and SSI Partner

Holliday stated, "SSI is the world’s largest business-based training agency for a reason. They clearly have a technology vision. Together with SSI, we will change the diving industry, both literally and figuratively, and this is only the beginning!”

“SSI is constantly looking for new ways to acquire consumers. Whether that’s through our own advances, or partnering with new and innovative companies when we see an opportunity, we act quickly,” stated Guido Waetzig, SSI president and CEO. “This is one of those opportunities!”

As part of the partnership, VDI will list all SSI Training Centres as partners on day one.


The VDI app allows the user to perform a number of skills including mask clearing, regulator removal and recovery, equipment assembly, descents, ascents and hand signals. VDI claim that this game "will engage new and experienced divers or anyone just wanting to learn more about our sport or even preparing for a course." 


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During the virtual dive, users will be able to discover marine life, explore underwater scenery or find gold coins. The team behind the VDI dive simulator think that this will help users to learn more about scuba diving and try virtual skills before taking a real scuba diving course. 


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