The World Beneath

Meet the world's most fascinating sea creatures--see the lives and curiosities of colorful fish and coral reefs--this spectacular volume has more than 300 color photos and extraordinary text from a leading marine biologist and underwater photographer, and the international expert on seahorses.

The World Beneath cover
Richard Smith
Publishing Info

ISBN: 9781948062220
Publisher: Apollo Publishers
Format: Hardcover
Publication Date: 9/10/2019
Page Count: 312
Category: Nature | Ecosystems & Habitats | Oceans & Seas
Language: English
Dimensions: 0.8(h) x 8.4"(w) x 10.1"(d)

This book is packed with information about those fascinating sea creatures and coral reefs in our oceans. More than 300 colour photos within give you a peek into this mysterious underwater world. Travelling to places like the Coral Triangle, Triton Bay, the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, you will meet unique creatures like the pygmy seahorse, Cenderawasih fairy wrasse, polka-dot longnose filefish, multicoloured seadragon, as well as scarlet-coloured corals, baby-blue sponges, daffodil crinoids—to name just a few.

Simon Pridmore writes

It's often hard for an expert to communicate effectively with a layman, but Richard Smith manages the tightrope act with aplomb, revealing secrets of coral reefs and some of their smaller, less well-known inhabitants in this fascinating and accessible book. For a diver, it's one of those rare books, like 'What a Fish Knows' that will considerably enhance your understanding and appreciation of what you are looking at as you swim along and add hugely to your enjoyment of our wonderful sport. I read the ebook version and the pictures looked great on my Kindle Fire.