Screenshot. DecoPlanner's Interface with simulation of a simple open circuit dive

DecoPlanner version 4 released

Modern dive computers are fantastic tools, which are getting still easier to use, with clear and nicely designed interfaces that are easy to read and intuitive to use. Many of the later models are also great-looking wearable tech and sleek enough to pass for a fancy wristwatch. But wouldn’t it sometimes be nice to have a closer look at what is behind those shifting digits and the mechanics of decompression calculations?

Poseidon Reef App Launch


Plan your next diving adventure in the simple to use, easy to navigate interactive planner. Diving an open circuit or rebreather? Doesn't matter. The app has different dive modes and deco models available to match your setup and preferences regardless of level.

Choose between single dives or a series of dives and let the app calculate needed technical stops. Easily tune the gradient factors to see the difference in dive time and get a summary of the result as well as a detailed list of run time and gas switches if applicable.